the new jazz orchestra

New Jazz Orchestra

Performances from the Decca recording by The New Jazz Orchestra (‘Western Reunion’, London, 1965; reissued on CD (SML 8427) by Vocalion, 2006): directed by Neil Ardley, the personnel of the NJO was: Bob Leaper, Mike Phillipson, Tony Dudley (trumpets), Ian Carr (trumpet, flugelhorn), Mick Palmer (French horn), John Mumford, Paul Rutherford (trombones), Peter Harvey (bass trombone), Dick Hart (tuba), Les Carter (flute, alto flute), Trevor Watts (alto sax, flute), Dave Gelly, Tom Harris (tenor saxes), Sebastian Freudenberg (baritone sax), Mike Barrett (piano), Tony Reeves (bass), John Hiseman (drums).

1) ‘Big P’, (Heath, arr. Burrows): solos by Mike Barrett (piano), Dave Gelly (tenor sax), Ian Carr (trumpet), Trevor Watts (alto sax), Barbara Thompson (alto sax). (3’:33”)
2) ‘Maria’, (Bernstein, arr. Carter): muted trumpet solo by Mike Phillipson. (2’:45”)
3) ‘Milestones’, (Davis, arr. Carter): solos by Trevor Watts (alto sax), Tony Dudley (trumpet), Tom Harris (tenor sax). (3’:12”)
4) ‘Django’, (Lewis, arr. Ardley): solos by Dave Gelly (tenor sax), John Mumford (trombone). (8’:47”)

small ensemble improvisations

small ensemble recordings

Recordings by various combinations of musicians participating in Gerry Gold’s ‘Adventures in Sound’ project in West Wales. Musicians: Gerry Gold (trumpet and flugel horn), Derek Morgan (percussion), Jack Westmore (keyboard, guitar, computer), Mike Phillipson (tenor saxophone). Recorded at Banc Y Felin between 2007 and 2009. Titles by Gerry Gold and Mike Phillipson and compositions by the performers.

(a): Gerry Gold and Mike Phillipson
(b): Gerry Gold, Jack Westmore, Mike Phillipson
(c): Gerry Gold, Derek Morgan, Mike Phillipson
(d): Gerry Gold, Derek Morgan, Jack Westmore, Mike Phillipson
(e): Mike Phillipson and Jack Westmore
(f): Mike Phillipson

audio-visual recordings


Mike Phillipson_ image to accompany duet recordings Clwb Morgan_1

Two audio-visual recordings of performances by Derek Morgan
(percussion) and Mike Phillipson (alto saxophone). Recorded at Clwb Morgan, Swansea, in 2013.

the recorded selections are drawn both from my earlier trumpet playing involvement with big band jazz and from later open improvisation sessions as a saxophonist with a small group of other musicians


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