Pencil Pad

in my uncomprehending but fascinated early teens my dad passed me his copy of ‘Haveth Childers Everywhere’

I remain seduced by the multiple ways art confronts language in the abyssal zone between out-sounding and de-meaning

I try to make for that multiple along the unmarked paths of both verse and shortish fiction

selections of both are included here

they are available free to download

art’s plight’

art’s plight’ is a collection of 21 texts sub-titled ‘making-for-art in the aeon of extreme electronic representation’. The texts explore the promise and predicament of practice across the contemporary arts (including the visual arts, literature and music) in their relations with cultural institutions and technoscience. The sequence is available here and each text is available free to download. A small archive of earlier related published texts, each also free to download, is included on that website.

to download any of these texts, click the title to open them as a pdf and select the download icon


a group of eight collections of verse written between 1990 and 2014