Art’s Body

Very pleased that Theo Cowley is including my ‘Art’s Body’ audio-recording , featuring Jon Thompson, in a Luxus Extension event in Brussels celebrating Jon’s life and contribution to the arts on Friday, June 30th.

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 13.37.50 (1)Michael Phillipson/Jon Thompson, Amelia Saul/Claude Wampler, Axelle Stiefel

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sisyphean-hazel-paintbrush-coca-cola-can-peppa-pig-2016                sisyphean-detail-1                sisyphean-detail-2

‘sisyphean’, (hazel, toy, paintbrush, can, 216cm x 33cm x 28cm, 2016) was my contribution to The London Group Annual Members’ Exhibition at the Cello Factory, London, October, 2016.

Tell Me No More Lies



A fellow member of The London Group, the painter and multi-media artist Suzan Swale, has a retrospective under the title ‘Tell Me No More Lies’ at the Cello Factory, 33-34, Cornwall Road, London, SE1 8TJ, 11th-17th November, 2015, 2-6pm. The image on the show’s publicity card is of her installation ‘La Reine Margot’, (2012). I discuss aspects of her oeuvre in my essay – ‘Painting as Suspense’ – for the show’s catalogue. Here it is!

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exhibition at MilMa

Let the Brittle Bits

let the brittle bits

8 – 31 May 2015

a small selection of my paintings and drawings are included in this group show together with works by Heather Phillipson Rachel Crummey Richard Müller and Susan Sluglett the gallery is open Saturdays 12 – 8 or by appointment

MilMa 154 Ilderton Road London SE 15 1NT +44 20 3016 7791

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