Waterloo Festival

 St. John's Church, Waterloo

The Waterloo Festival 2018 at St. John’s Church

June 6th – June 24th

The London Group is participating in the Waterloo Festival  with a variety of events  locally and in the grounds of St. John’s Church. Under the title ‘Nothing endures But Change’  the Group’s President,  Susan Haire, has organised and curated an open-air exhibition of ephemeral sculpture by both members and friends of the Group.  My contribution, a small but cumbersome lump of inscribed and collaged rock entitled ‘flow everlasting’, is sited on the tarmac at the rear of the Church.

Title:    …flow-everlasting…

Materials:   sandstone grit, lead, shell, water, air…

Size:  depth (from ground):  14cm. / 5 and a half inches;   width:  61cm./24”;  height: 49cm./19”

Comments:    …remembering…  J. J.’s  self-re-circling dream-wake book… fin  negans…  and its turning  point – riverrun  –  and then, the heavy, the light, the congealing,  the erosion, the dust, the disappearing, the flow-without-end, the now…

        'flow everlasting',        label with text

         'flow everlasting' in position at St. John's